February 3, 2012

Why Isn't Peanut Butter Ice Cream a Thing?

Okay. Next time you get the peanut butter hankering (like I do on a daily basis) you have to try this. Take regular vanilla ice cream, get a big spoonful of peanut butter, and mix them together like you used to do with chocolate syrup as a kid when your parents wouldn't buy you a Frosty. It's pretty much amazing. Which got me thinking, why on Earth isn't peanut butter ice cream a thing? Sure you can get butterfinger or reese's mixed in, but what if I  don't want chunky bits of partially frozen, crappy chocolate in my ice cream? I just want some smooth, unadulterated, creamy peanut butter ice cream. You guys, we're gonna make this happen.





  1. I thought I posted a comment on here already but I guess I didn't. Sounds good to me Haley bell 'sept you forgot the raw hamburger like the peanut butter ice cream shake you made me that one time.

  2. what? Lucy is weird, but I have to say that peanut butter ice cream sounds yummy...and I agree i hate it when they add crappy american chocolate in ice cream. You need to make some haley.

    1. Haley made me a peanut butter ice cream shake a few years ago and accidentally used the wooden spoon she was using to brown ground beef to stir my shake. As I was eating it I got chunks of something..after examining the chunks, we realized it was ground beef lol. A little added texture and flavor that I dare say may be an acquired taste.

  3. haha Luc! Clearly you can't appreciate the artistry of unique food combinations. =) (glad you didn't get E. Coli)